Lagos DSVA holds intergenerational Conversation (Symposium)

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency has today organized a symposium – One-day Intergenerational Conversation on triggers of violence in the home.

The Executive Secretary DSVA, Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi while welcoming participants drawn from different walks of life said the theme – “Because You Have Experience It, Don’t Become It”,  was specifically curated to address reoccurring issues which contribute to triggers for violence in the home. 

She also told the gathering that marriages requires amongst others, mutual respect, understanding,  communication, respected boundaries and cooperations and partnership to achieve peace which were the Key take-aways from the Symposium. 

Vivour-Adeniyi stressed that the Lagos State Government has designated September as the Domestic and Sexual Violence 

Awareness Month, `during which various activities are undertaken to commemorate this important 


One such activity is the One-day Intergenerational Conversation on triggers of violence in the home. 

According to data gathered by the Agency, the Executive Secretary revealed that third-party interference, lack of communication, lack of sexual satisfaction, financial dependency, unrealistic expectations, and infidelity have been identified as triggers contributing to domestic violence and intimate partner violence.

She said “the symposium aims to highlight the significance of Intergenerational Conversations on triggers of violence in the home particularly between inlaws and or other extended family  members of the family by fostering understanding, promoting effective communication, and sharing valuable insights that 

create more harmonious and fulfilling family dynamics”. 

“This symposium will provide us with the opportunity to discuss and share realistic experiences between different generations (Baby boomers-Generation Z).

 “Through this 1 day program, we expect to achieve a family environment that nurtures respect, cooperation, and mutual growth devoid of abuse,  neglect and violence “

At the Symposium, panelist were drawn from the different Age Groups and generations to

participate in the symposium amongst who were,  Mrs. Tinuke Odukoya,  Mrs. Adeola Adetugbogbo,  Mrs.  Sheila Orheva,  Mr.  Taiwo Amusa,  Mr. Nathaniel Ayodeji,  Ms. Zipporah Atoyebi and Mrs. Olive Oluwagbemileke as Moderator*

Olive Oluwagbemileke while moderating the Discuss also noted that the objective of the program was to discuss the causal factors of   intergenerational conflicts between married couples and extended family members in order to arrive at possible solutions to curb these conflicts and arrive at possible ways  to put an end to  these pattern of conflict passing  from generation to generation. 

“These conflicts usually results to violence in homes bearing in mind that the family is the first unit if socialization, to tackle violence in the society we must find ways to resolve conflicts in the home front because if not curbed it eventually leads to violence in the society at large”

Participants include members of the NYSC,  Marraige Registrars,  Marriage Comperes (Alaga iduro/Ijoko) professional bodies,  Religious associations, market organizations and more. 

She reiterated that since it metamorphosed into Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA) in September 2021 the Agency has continued to guarantee and protect the rights of survivors and ensure that perpetrators of all forms of abuse,  Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the State do not go unpunished.

Adejoke Ladenegan- Oginni



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