At DSVRT, we believe that preventive measures are the most efficient ways of addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence Issues. To this end, we have embarked on several advocacy programs… our target audience are the following groups-



Through our College Acquaintance Rape Education Workshop (in partnership with Rubies Ink) we engage Primary and Secondary School students on the growing trend of rape culture in Primary and Secondary schools. The Workshop focuses on elements of the fight against incidents of sexual assault in Primary and Secondary Schools by creating awareness and propagating rape prevention measures. It would ultimately address sexual issues and encourage safety consciousness among the students.


Grassroots Engagement

DSVRT is in continuous engagement with Traditional Rulers, Market women, artisans and other groups on what Domestic and Sexual Violence entails, the impact it has on the victim, children and the society at large, their role as responders and the need for them to condemn such acts when it comes to their attention.



DSVRT uses the media (print, audio and visual) to bring to the fore, issues of SGBV, consequential impact this crime has on the parties, the children and the society at large. This is hoped to slowly change society’s perception about Sexual and Gender Based Violence. ‘


Corporate organisations

DSVRT regularly engages companies in town hall sessions as a means of reaching the middle class. Faith based institutions Members of DSVRT are on a continuous basis invited to speak about Sexual and Domestic Violence at churches and mosques. At such fora, members of the congregation and spiritual leaders are encouraged not to ask persons in abusive relationships to remain there or request victims of sexual assault to keep quiet but rather people should be encouraged to seek help. Pastors and Imams are also encouraged to speak about these issues and condemn them outrightly.

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