Lagos Arrests Father for Physically Assaulting Son

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency received a report from a mandated reporter of an 11year old male (names withheld) who was physically assaulted by his father.

The Agency gathered that the father meted out this assault on the survivor because he has not been able to recite the Quran.

Following the repeated assault on the child by the father, he has been diagnosed with hematuria, 2 episodes of sudden loss of conscious,  bleeding from the ears and nostrils.

The alleged perpetrator is currently in detention at Meiran Divisional police station whilst the child is receiving medical attention facilitated by the Ministry of Health and the Lagos State Primary Health Care Board. More details will be published later.

The Agency advise that all cases of abuse, assault and sexual violence should be reported for justice to be served. Reports can also be made through the toll free line of the Agency 0-8000-333-333.

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