Lagos DSVA moves to reverse high yuletide SGBV cases

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency has sounded the alarm to alert Parents and Guardians in the State to be extra vigilant in the monitoring and protection of children and wards during this festive period.  The Executive Secretary revealed that the historical trend from available data points to children being at a higher risk of being sexually abused during the festive season.  Mrs. Titilola Vivour Adeniyi urged parents and caregivers to be more vigilant and watchful over their children in their care during this period.  “It is important for us to limit any opportunity for pedophiles to perpetrate the heinous act. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to use this period to empower their children on body safety techniques, including how to set boundaries, good touch, bad touch, and Age appropriate teaching.  She also encouraged parents to take advantage of resources curated on safeguarding and child protection which are available on the DSVA website-  She also highlighted the fact that over the years, the agency has recorded an increase in formal and informal reporting of domestic violence during the Yuletide period.  She therefore reiterated the State Government’s zero tolerance for all forms of Gender-Based Violence even as she buttressed the fact that violence should never be the response to resolving conflict,  especially during this festive period.  Whilst restating the Agency’s commitment to ensuring uninterrupted service delivery during the Yuletide season,  she urged anybody experiencing either domestic or sexual violence to take advantage of the toll-free line- 08000-333-333 which remains accessible 24/7, 365 days a week.

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Summary Update on the Kings Club Project

Background An increasing rate of the population of young people globally in developing countries indicates that the burden of National development in developing countries is increasingly becoming a huge responsibility for young people. This increasing population is also not void of challenges. Violence and crime are major features in the discussion of this becoming a category that often undermines their potentials and rights consequentially creating significant social and economic costs to societies. Nevertheless, young people are a valuable asset to their countries and investing in them brings tremendous social and economic benefits. Many young people approach adulthood faced with conflicting and confusing messages about sexuality and gender. This is often exacerbated by embarrassment, silence, and disapproval of open discussion of sexual matters by adults, including parents and teachers, at the very time when it is most needed. Few young people receive adequate preparation for their sexual lives. This leaves them vulnerable to coercion, abuse and exploitation, unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. Globally, reproductive health issues of girls and women and gender-based violence directed at them have received more attention than those of boys and men; but not without good reasons. Men and women are indispensable partners in sexual relationships, marriage and family building. Still, the sexual and reproductive health needs of men beyond their roles as women’s partners have received little attention In 2016, DSVRT conducted a research on incarcerated, male sex offenders in Lagos State, Nigeria to provide a plausible means of unravelling the tactics used by sex offenders through profiling. It was however deduced that 89 of the male sex offenders which amounts to 80.9% of the study participants had been sexually abused as a child implying that they had become sexually active at an early age. This illustrates the trend of “The abused-abuser”. Some inmates lost their virginity to family members and older acquaintances who took advantage of them during their early teenage years (DSVRT, 2016). Rates of physical violence by male intimate partners against young women are also high. In multi-country studies, nearly 20% of women say their first sexual experience was forced. United Nations estimates show that globally 30% of women suffer physical violence at least once from a male partner. Moreover, rates of current physical violence are higher in the 15– 19 year age group, compared with older women ages 20–49 years old. Although the global community has focused greater attention on GBV in recent years, levels of violence against women remain unchanged (UN General Assembly, 2006). Recent statistics reveal that in Nigeria today, 1 in 8 boys would have experienced at least one violent encounter before the age of 18 and 61% of the affected boys do not know where to seek services. Similarly, the majority of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence crimes are perpetrated by boys who grow up to be men. Intervention and Outcomes In light of this, the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT), (which metamorphosed into the Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA) in September 2021) as part of its work plan for 2018, embarked on a timely intervention titled “The Kings Club… Promoting Positive Masculinity” The ultimate objective of The Kings Club project is to create a sustainable social structure in educational institutions that will help debunk socio-cultural misconceptions, promote positive masculinity, and bring about behavioural and attitudinal change in the minds of young boys in Lagos State. To this end, we sought to constitute an alliance of trained young boys in schools who would serve as peer educators and advocates of positive masculinity by partnering with the Ministry of Education to roll out programs, in the 6 Education Districts across the State. Below are the outcomes following the implementation of the establishment of the Kings Club Project in all Education Districts across the State: Going Forward We remain committed to the sustainability of this initiative. We hope to establish the Kings Club in at least 100 schools in each Education District, before the end of Y 20224. We also hope to have some private schools embrace this project. Kings Club…. Promoting Positive Masculinity Click here for a pdf version of the Summary update

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EU Consultants Visit Lagos Gender-Based Referral Service

The Lagos Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, DSVA has received consultants from the European Union at the Gender-Based Violence Virtual and Referral Service, GBV VRRS Service Centre. The team which came on a monitoring and learning visit had an interactive session with the DSVA team led by its Executive Secretary, Mrs. Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi. Vivour-Adeniyi used the moment to talk about the impact of the European Union Funded Spotlight initiative, the areas of support, and more specifically, the Gender-Based Violence Virtual and Referral service. She informed the visiting consultants that the GBV VRRS since its establishment in January 2021 has provided services to over 4,105 survivors even as over 165 rescue missions have been embarked upon. The accessibility and availability of the services, according to her is 24/7, 365 days a year, through the Agency’s Toll-free number 0-8000-333-333 which has ensured access to unhindered professionals and all-encompassing services to survivors. Whilst appreciating the European Union Funded Spotlight initiative as well as other United Nations technical partners, Vivour-Adeniyi said it was also an opportunity to appreciate the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Oke Osanyintolu for the partnership and profound support of Lagos State Emergency Management Authority, LASEMA. Holistic care and support She however reiterated the State Government’s commitment to ensuring that holistic care and support is provided to survivors, as the State remain committed to reducing the menace to the barest minimum. The Visiting Consultants is led by Mr. Mark McGinty alongside Dr. Tarila Marclint Ebeide, both of HRBA Expert Conflict Sensitivity, Human Rights, and gender mainstreaming for the European

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LASG Commences Support And Healing Group Sessions For Perpetrators Of Domestic Violence

The Lagos Government through its  Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency has commenced the provision of Support and Healing Group Sessions for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence. Executive Secretary DSVA, Titilola Vivour Adeniyi revealed that commencing the program was in line with Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu’s commitment and resolve to provide holistic response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the State. She said the worrisome increase in cases of Domestic Violence has informed the necessity to address the trend. She revealed that the program would tackle the root causes of Domestic violence: Support and the healing group sessions would help identify and address the underlying factors contributing to the perpetrator’s violent behavior as results from research had shown that these domestic violence cases stems from deep-seated issues such as unresolved trauma, anger management problems, substance abuse, or learned patterns of violence. She highlighted that without psychological  intervention, there is a risk that they may perpetuate the cycle of violence in their own relationships or pass it on to future generations, hence  through  strategic intervention, Perpetrators can gain insight into these factors and develop healthier coping strategies and also break the cycle of violence that the support and healing group sessions can avail. Vivour-Adeniyi likewise disclosed that these structured intervention sessions would enable Perpetrators gain insights into alternative coping mechanisms, conflict resolution skills, and healthy relationship dynamics.

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Lagos DSVA Calls for Gender Equality at Launch of “The Hidden Crime” Project

Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA) has today in Alausa Lagos, launched “The Hidden Crime, Violence Against Men Project” to engage men to realize they can be victims or survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence and that there is no shame in their pain. At the event, which had over 300 men in attendance, Executive Secretary, DSVA, Titilola Vivour- Adeniyi told the men at the event, that they play a most crucial role in the fight against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the state. She said a recently concluded community engagement in over 10 Local Government Areas revealed the need for  enlightenment, and spotlight on men who are victims or survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. Research conducted in 2016, in partnership with the Nigerian Prisons Service as they were referred to then, where it was revealed that out of the 140 sex convicts, 80.5% of them revealed that they were sexually abused at an early age, some as young as 6 years old and as such were exposed to unhealthy sexual relationships. Majority of them did not receive psycho-social support and as such they began abusing others, thereby revealing the abused-abuser trend Launching the project,  Executive Secretary, stated that the aim was to ensure that the agency leave no gender behind in its advocacy, preventive and response mechanisms. Vivour-Adeniyi said the project would be an opportunity to continue to break the culture of silence, which encourages Sexual and Gender Based Violence to thrive. She explained that the project also compelling to inform men of the different forms of violence as well as free support services the State Government has put in place to proactively address these issues. She stressed further the Lagos State Governor Babajide  Sanwo Olu in his inaugural speech on the 29th of May, 2023,  informed Lagosians of the addition of PLUS into the THEMES Agenda, the PLUS representing Social Inclusion, Gender equality and youth as it has been identified that SGBV is one of the hindrance of gender equality. Also, the Agency’s Community Engagement Officer, Ikudaisi Oluwatobi urged men to speak out and report any case of sexual violence in their community, to rid the state from the menace. Ikudaisi who stated that the Agency’s statutory mandate was to educate, sensitize and ensure that government stance is engrained through its various programs, said the purpose was to increase awareness on the prevalence of Gender-Based violence in Lagos. Also the Assistant Secretary Lagos State Parks and Garages Administrator LASPAGA Babatunde Semiu urged the agency to have its office around each Local Government Area to tackle the issue of gender based violence in the state. Semiu noted that it would help to reduce the growing trend of abusive cases in the society stressing that the project would go far in preventing sexual and domestic violence cases against men. Corp member and participant, Akinduro Gideon Taiwo who commended the agency for the initiative said it would help men and young men to know how to handle issues at home and in particular how to relate with their wife and family.

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Lagos Govt. unveils ‘My Passport of Rights’ to tackle child abuse

The Lagos State Government, through its Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA), on Wednesday unveiled a child-friendly booklet – “My Passport of Rights”, to tackle child abuse. The Executive Secretary, DSVA, Mrs Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, said that the unveiling of the booklet was part of the celebration of Children’s Day. The launch, which was held at the Lagos City Model College, Sabo, Yaba had a convergence of over 300 students from various schools in Education District IV. She said that the booklet aimed to bring awareness to the prevalence of child abuse, as well as provide useful information and resources for survivors. “Over the years, we have recorded a steady increase in child abuse and related issues. So, this book is an intervention strategy for early detection, care and support. “The passport encourages you to speak up in case you are faced with any form of child abuse. It will help you to detect the signs of child abuse, so that you are able to report and that action can be taken on time,” the Executive Secretary said. She said that the innovative booklet further infused knowledge into children on their rights in the state. According to her, it is a must-read for anyone who cares about the welfare of children and wants to make a difference in their lives, as it is expected to inspire actions. Vivour-Adeniyi said that the booklet was available at the agency and was ‘Strictly Not To Be Sold’. She urged children to get copies, and pay close attention to the details the booklet would proffer. Mrs Taiwo Salako, School Counsellor, Education District IV, lauded the initiative of the passport for the children. Salako said that the booklet would further tackle the issues of domestic and sexual violence committed against the children. The Principal of Lagos City Model College, Sabo, Mr Abiodun Hassan, commended the state government for the initiative. He said it would safeguard and protect the children, hence, help in keeping the trend of child abuse at bay. (NAN) Source: News Express

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Community Leader Arrested For Physically Assaulting Spouse

The Lagos State Government through its Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency has reiterated that Domestic violence is a crime against the State. This statement was made  by the the Executive Secretary Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi following a report of physical assault by the Community leader who allegedly brutally assaulted his wife on Easter Sunday leaving her with grievous injuries on her body and swollen eyes. The Lagos DSVA rescued the survivor from the site of abuse and has been placed in  private shelter. The perpetrator has been arrested by the Divisional police station, Ajah Family Support Unit and he is currently in detention even as the DPP has requested for the duplicate case file. At the LAGOS DSVA, we wish to state that all forms of abuse is a crime, not only against the Survivor but also against the STATE and we are committed to ensuring that all perpetrators , irrespective of their status are made to face the full wrath of the law.

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Lagos Arrests Father for Physically Assaulting Son

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency received a report from a mandated reporter of an 11year old male (names withheld) who was physically assaulted by his father. The Agency gathered that the father meted out this assault on the survivor because he has not been able to recite the Quran. Following the repeated assault on the child by the father, he has been diagnosed with hematuria, 2 episodes of sudden loss of conscious,  bleeding from the ears and nostrils. The alleged perpetrator is currently in detention at Meiran Divisional police station whilst the child is receiving medical attention facilitated by the Ministry of Health and the Lagos State Primary Health Care Board. More details will be published later. The Agency advise that all cases of abuse, assault and sexual violence should be reported for justice to be served. Reports can also be made through the toll free line of the Agency 0-8000-333-333.

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Lagos DSVA Berths Maiden Valentine’s Day “Love Drive” At Bariga

By Joke Ladenegan-Oginni The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA) has organized a Valentine’s Day Outreach tagged “Love Drive” at the Araromi community in Bariga  on Valentine’s Day.   The Executive Secretary Mrs. Titilola Vivour Adeniyi said, “this is a maiden event and the Valentine’s Day celebration has availed us the opportunity of taking our zero tolerance message to  Araromi Community, and in the process, show love to members of the community”*  The Executive Secretary who was represented by the Head Empowerment Department, Tope Oyedija said the idea behind the Love Drive was that whilst advocating and creating awareness on the war against Domestic and Sexual Violence , the Agency also deemed it expedient to give items to the members of the community. Damilare Adewusi, Head Community Engagement, said the Love Drive has put smiles on the faces of these recipients in the Community, He stressed the activities and games done during the program was to encouraged love in the home and between spouse. Baale Patrick Moneyan of Araromi Community expressed gratitude to the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency for extending the initiative to the Araromi community and to broaden their knowledge by  enlightening the community on the menace of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), it’s resultant effects, Government stance, and the punitives. He assured the Community’s readiness to cooperate with the State Government to stem the trend of Domestic and Sexual Volence from the society. Baale of Araromi Community also thanked the Lagos Dsva for the gifts distributed to members of the Community.

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Lagos DSVA Holds Parents Association Conference

By Joke Ladenegan -Oginni The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA) have called on Parents, guardians and caregivers in the State to pay more attention to their children and wards by ensuring utmost care and protection of their children against all forms of abuse especially sexual violence. The call was made today by the Executive Secretary,  Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA), Mrs Titilola Vivour- Adeniyi at a Parents Association Conference in collaboration with  the Office of Education Quality Assurance (OEQA) had over 400 parents under Education District II, in attendance. Speaking at the Parents Association Conference at the Adeyemi Bero hall, Ikeja, the Executive Secretary of the Agency, Mrs Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi explained that the conference was organized to enlighten parents on the process of reporting cases, knowledge and information on how to prevent abusive acts on their children and the emerging worrisome trends of sexual abuse in the society. Vivour-Adeniyi who was represented by the Head, Clinical Psychology Department DSVA, Dr. Olive Oluwagbemileke noted that punishment has not been an effective tool to correct wrong behavior of children, rather than discipline, stressing the need to explore other mild ways of reprimanding children for wrong doings. She said “When parents are frustrated about child wrong behavior, they want the child to suffer for that and this has led to violence in the society and illicit rebellion and aggressive behavior from the child.” Director General Office of Education Quality Assurance. Mrs. Abiola Seriki-Ayeni, who was represented by Director Monitoring and Investigation of the agency, Mr Kamardeen Akodu  gave an indept of collaborative efforts and activities of the multi-agencies involved in the protection of child rights in the State. Akodu said the Joint Task force (agencies) monitor schools and investigate cases of children below the tertiary institutions, such as primary and secondary schools both in private and public. State Coordinator of the Bimbo Odukoya foundation and the Child Protection Network, Mrs Aderonke Oyelakin said the essence of the conference was to emphasise collaborative effort as a way to instill good values in Children and enlighten parents on how to curb all forms of violence against children in Lagos State. President,  Parents Forum Education District II, Mr Abdul-Wasiu Jenrade lauded the initiative by DSVA by creating the platform to educate parents “Whatever happen to our children is the cause of the parents, the conference is an eye openers for everyone to take congnizance of the fact that we must key into this noble reservoir of knowledge to further safeguard our children.” Jenrade said He stressed that Parents would take advantage of the various platforms to exclalate matters of abuse against their children and wards Participants at the event lauded the initiative of the DSVA and other relevant agencies for convening such a forum to educate them on the ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

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